Welcome To The Steam Powered Bluegrass Website!

Steam Powered Bluegrass Band was formed in 2010 by five experienced bluegrass musicians.  The friendship and time in the music made it a natural fit to think about forming up a band, and that they did. Based in Michigan, this band of bluegrass veterans knows how to play bluegrass music!  Steam Powered Bluegrass plays hard driving, foot stomping, traditional bluegrass.  They also show their chops by playing crossover tunes; “grassifying” tunes from other genres like country and even rock.

With their clean, tasteful instrumentation and close two and three part harmonies, these gentlemen will put a smile on your face, a twinkle in your eye, and a tappin’ in your toes.  Want great bluegrass music for your festival, celebration, or town music series? Then Steam Powered Bluegrass is your answer!

Give us a listen!

Steam Powered Bluegrass Band performing at the mics